Maximizing Your Internship Experience

Many of you are probably starting to think about your summer internships and a few of you may already have one lined up. Wherever you end up, it’s possible the company will be teeming with bright, excited summer help. So you’ll have to be at your best to stand out. To help you outshine your coworkers, we’ve compiled a list of articles with some helpful tips.

Style Republic has a great article on Interning in Fashion, and almost all of the tips apply to all majors!

Top 10 Tips for Interns is exactly how it sounds, short, sweet and full of useful information.

This post from The Awl has some great perspectives on those truly resourceful students who combine internships and part time work during the summer.

12 Tips for An Advertising Intern is another great piece that applies to all majors (even if you don’t want to work in advertising.) My favorite part is the starting line: “I once read that an internship is a job interview that lasts all summer. You’re constantly being evaluated and the end goal is (hopefully) a job offer.” 

Interning: Preparing for a Smooth Transition has some great advice that I’ve never seen anywhere else, especially about the start date.

And finally, DKNY PR Girl shares her insights on how to make the most of your experience in Intern Networking 101.


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